18.07.2021 - The Classy Stage

Speeding through the fog

In view of the Covid pandemic, the disciplined behavior of all those involved in the SOW 2021 was already evident in the Arosa competition center, which enabled a smooth process.  Even before the actual start, an additional and unfamiliar control point had to be passed to meet cantonal requirements for this big event. According to the motto „no check – no orienteering“, only those who could show their personal and fixed wristband were allowed to start. This is a requirement that will also be mandatory for all subsequent SOW-stages.

Afterwards it all changed to moving through the terrain. Even before the start of the student cup, the speaker interviewed girls and boys who had come in with a flag. Some of them had only recently learned to read the orienteering maps and how to orient themselves in the terrain at special instruction school days. With regard to their personal names printed on the start bibs, they mentioned unabashedly that they had practiced a little in the fog beforehand but that they were not nervous at all before the start. Perhaps the youngsters will discover the fun of orienteering at the SOW 2021 of all places?

Even the runners from all the other categories could not be deterred by the drizzle from looking for their control flags in the area of Arosa Obersee to master the wooded, hilly terrain as quickly as possible. Even those three who said that they had time until the evening, were amazed that there were even a few control positions on the golf course.

From twelve noon on, the golf club generously closed the entire southern area of the second nine-hole series to “flying and rolling balls” and granted orienteering the right of way. Thus, Arosa showed in an exemplary manner how different sports could respect each other in a holiday destination and flexibility is not just an empty phrase. In view of the sporty generosity, one could even develop a temporary trademark with “G(OL)F”. Ultimately, common interests are cultivated: motion in nature with result lists as well as covering respectable distances. The ones with golf clubs, the others with a map and compass. But there are also differences: while in golf the routes are known and finely manicured grass around the holes influences the success, orienteering lives from tricky routes, rough terrain and quick progress.

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