(31 January 2021)


Association Swiss O Week 2021 Arosa

Event Director

Marcel Schiess, Köniz

Host venue

Arosa, 17 - 24 July 2021


Susanne Schmid-Schilter, Aarau

Event format

6 stages with daily ranking:
1 forest sprint, 1 lengthened middle distance and 1 middle distance
1 shortened long- and 2 long distance orienteering competitions.

Competition mode

In all categories except for Holiday, the total result will be calculated into a point value by taking the results of the individual stages using the formula «winning time divided by own time and multiplied by 100». For the overall result, the total of the five best results counts.

In the category Holiday the orienteering experience is more important than the running time. The results of the participants will be shown in alphabetical order indicating the time. There will be no overall ranking.

Control system

SPORTident incl. SI-AIR+


Head of course-setting: Irene Müller-Bucher, Oberwil-Lieli

Competition areas

Stage 1 Sunday 18 July 2021 – Arosa-Obersee
Forest Sprint, 1700–1900 meters above sea level
Course-setters: Ursula Ruppenthal, Willi Müller
Stage 2 Monday 19 July 2021 – Lenzerheide
Long distance, 2000–2400 meters a.s.l.
Course-setters: Michael Huber, Patrik Thoma
Stage 3 Tuesday 20 July 2021 – Hörnli
Middle distance, 2200–2500 meters a.s.l.
Course-setters: Raffael Huber, Andreas Herzog
Stage 4 Thursday 22 July 2021 – Weisshorn
Long distance, 2000–2400 meters a.s.l.
Course-setters: Regula Müller, Kurt Schmid
Stage 5

Friday 23 July 2021 – Grünsee
Lengthened middle distance, 1600–2100 meters a.s.l.
Course-setters: Nik Moser, Willi Müller

Stage 6

Saturday 24 July 2021 – Schwellisee
Shortened long distance, 1700–2300 meters a.s.l.
Course-setters: Maja Kunz, Patrick Kunz

Event adviser

Claudio Wetzstein, Chur
Stefan Schlatter, Küssnacht


Sprint: map scale 1:4'000 / 1:3'000 for over HD50
all other maps 1:10'000 / 1:7'500 for over HD50,
as of 2021


Urs Steiner, Beat Imhof, Gian-Reto Schaad


Competitive classes

All competitive classes according to the competition rules of the Swiss Orienteering Federation (WO) plus D45K, D55K, H45K and H55K.

All these classes are individual disciplines. It is not allowed to accompany children. In the competitive classes a start list with fixed starting times is used. Open start times are not possible.

Categories D10 and H10: in those classes free choice of start times is used (without a start list). This allows to accompany children to the start. The start unit at the start will initiate the time. Escorting during the course is not permitted and will lead to disqualification of the child as well as the accompanying person.

Registration in the competitive classes is only possible for the entire Swiss O Week.

Open categories

Challenge long, Challenge middle, Challenge short, Holiday long, Holiday short.

In these categories it is possible to start individually or as a team. Children may be accompanied by an adult. If the adult also starts in a competitive class, it is only allowed to shadow the child after having finished the own course.

In the open categories, the start times can be freely selected within a time window. There will be no start list. The start is triggered by a start unit.


Difficulty Sprint Middle distance Long distance
H10 10-15′ 10-15′ 10-20’
H12 ■■ 10-15′ 15-20′ 25-35’
H14 ■■■ 10-15′ 20-25′ 35-45’
H16 ■■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 45-55’
H18 ■■■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 50-60’
H20 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 55-65’
HE ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 60-80’
HAL ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 55-70’
HAM ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 50-60’
HAK ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 20-25′ 30-40’
HB ■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 40-50’
H35 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
H40 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
H45 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
H45K ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 35-45’
H50 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
H55 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
H55K ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 35-45’
H60 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
H65 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
H70 ■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 40-50’
H75 ■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 40-50’
H80 ■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 40-50’
D10 10-15′ 10-15′ 10-20’
D12 ■■ 10-15′ 15-20′ 25-35’
D14 ■■■ 10-15′ 20-25′ 35-45’
D16 ■■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 40-50’
D18 ■■■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 45-55’
D20 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 50-60’
DE ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 55-70’
DAL ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 50-60’
DAM ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 40-50’
DAK ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 20-25′ 30-40’
DB ■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 35-45’
D35 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
D40 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
D45 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
D45K ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 35-45’
D50 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
D55 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
D55K ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 35-45’
D60 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
D65 ■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
D70 ■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 40-50’
D75 ■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 40-50’
CS Challenge short ■■■ 10-15′ 15-20′ 25-30’
CM Challenge middle ■■■■■ 10-15′ 20-25′ 35-40’
CL Challenge long ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 25-35′ 40-50’
HS Holiday short ■■ 10-15′ 15-25′ 15-25’
HL Holiday long ■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 30-40′

Level of difficulty: ■ = easy … ■■■■■■ = difficult

Note to the length: shortened distance = 80% and lengthened distance = 120% of the above winning times.


Walking aids such as trekking poles are only allowed in the open categories Holiday.

Taking along a dog is not permitted.

Registration fees

Competitive classes


Early bird until 28.02.2021

Fees until 31.05.2021

2005 and younger CHF 100.- CHF 115.-
2001 to 2004 CHF 135.- CHF 155.-
2000 and older CHF 195.- CHF 225.-

Categories Holiday and Challenge (entire week):

(the oldest person counts in a team)

Early bird until 28.02.2021

Fees until 05.07.2021
2005 and younger CHF 100.- CHF 115.-
2001 to 2004 CHF 135.- CHF 155.-
2000 and older CHF 195.- CHF 225.-

(entry fees for each additional person in the team including a map)

Early bird until 28.02.2021

Fees until 05.07.2021
2016 and younger no fee no fee
2005 to 2015 CHF 40.- CHF 45.-
2001 to 2004 CHF 45.- CHF 50.-
2000 and older CHF 50.- CHF 55.-

In addition to the entry fee for the competitions, the registration fees include the cost of using the mountain railways taken in operation especially for Swiss O Week (transfer to the events centre of stage 2 and transfer to the starts of stage 4) as well as the cost for the extension of the local bus to the events centre of stage 5). The use of the regular mountain railways for the journey to the event centres is not included in the registration fee the Arosa Card is required for these transfers (see below).

Arosa Card

Starting with the first overnight stay in Arosa (in Arosa village itself or in a valley community) each guest receives the Arosa Card directly through the renter of the accommodation. The Arosa Card entitles you to free use the regular mountain railways and the local bus, and the card also includes many other tourist offers.

Guests lodging outside the municipality of Arosa may also purchase the Arosa Card at the Guest-Info of Arosa Tourism or online.


Only through the registration portal. Please contact the information (see contact address above) for further instructions if there is no personal internet or e-banking available to you.

Groups and clubs may also register using the group registration. The person in charge indicates and pays for all participants.


Early-bird registration for all classes: 28 February 2021.

Deadline for competitive classes: 31 May 2021 (Monday).
Afterwards there is no possibility to register in those classes.

Deadline categories Challenge and Holiday: 5 July 2021 Monday).

Registration is still possible every day after 6 July 2021 for the Open categories. Details see under section «daily registrations»


At the end of the registration process payment online is possible with VISA, Mastercard, Postcard, PayPal, Twint, invoice (ES) or an international bank transfer.

Entries cannot be accepted if no payment has been made within 10 days of registration.

Annulation insurance

Participants who have no own annulation insurance may register directly with the European travel insurance company for 5% of the entry fee during the registration process. This insurance covers the non-participation due to illness (with a medical certificate), elemental damages at home or cancellation of the transport mode when travelling to the event.

Start time wishes

Individual specific start times cannot be considered in the competitive classes.

Exception: Persons who need early start times due to childcare in order to accompany a child to its start after his/her own race can select the option "parent start" in the registration process (start time allocation without guarantee). Alternatively, these persons register in a Challange and Holiday category.

In the Challange and Holiday categories, the start time is free to choose from within a defined time window. The start time is triggered using a start unit.

Start lists

The start times in the competitive classes will be adapted to the members of a club as much as possible.

There is no drawing of the Swiss regions. The clubs will be assigned to one of the six start blocks which will then be rotated day after day in order that each club will have to start in equal proportions early and late.

The start lists will be posted on the Swiss O Week website ( no later than 3 July 2021.

Daily registration

Daily registrations can only be accepted in the Challenge- and Holiday- categories. Registrations for single day stages can be made through the Swiss O Week-website from 6 July until midnight before the respective stage together with the online payment. Then, only the bib number needs to be collected on-site.

On-site daily registration is possible at the check-In on 17 July 2021, as well as in the evening of the event at the Swiss O Week-Info-Centre/ Arosa Obersee between 17:00 to 18:30.

Entry fees for single stages in Holiday and Challenge starting at 6 July 2021:

Daily registration: entry fee per stage 
(the oldest participant in a team counts)

Any additional map

2016 and younger free of charge free of charge
2005 to 2015 CHF 19.- CHF 6.-
2001 to 2004 CHF 26.- CHF 6.-
2000 und älter  CHF 37.- CHF 6.-

Starts on stages 2 and 4 where mountain railways will be especially used for the Swiss O Week requires an additional fee:

  per stage / person
E2, E4 mountain railways CHF 5.-

Modifications of registration data

Modification of the registration data can be made online via the Swiss O Week registration portal free of charge up to the deadline. For goups this has to be done by the person in charge. To organise such modifications you have to use the PIN code provided with the email confirmation of the original entry.

Class changes can only be done until 31 May 2021.

After the deadline, changes of the registration data can be done free of charge through the modification portal except changes of the category and transfer of the registration is no more possible.

Registration data can also be modified against a CHF 10.– fee at the Check-In on 17 July 2021.


Registration cancellation costs 10% of the entry fee when received until 31 May 2021, 30% until received 5 July 2021 (based on 31 May 2021) plus eventual bank fees. After this date no cancellations will be accepted.

Registration transfer

Transferring a start place to a runner of the same category is allowed but must be reported to the organiser of the Swiss O Week. Anybody running under a false name will be disqualified. Transferring a start place is only possible for the entire week.

To organise such transfer you have to use the PIN code provided with the email confirmation of the original entry. Until 31 May 2021 transfers can be done online free of charge via the Swiss O Week registration site. Following this process will ensure that the transfer is accepted by both parties. After 1 June 2021 up to the Swiss O Week a fee of CHF 10.– will be charged for the transfer of a start place.

In case of a drop-out occurring during the Swiss O Week, the start place cannot be transferred.

Out-of-bound areas

It is allowed to stay in all the hotels and vacation homes in Arosa even if they are in the competition area of a stage. However, the direct route must be chosen to and from the individual stages.

Competition rules

The competition rules must be accepted at registration of the Swiss O Week (see under

Bulletin 2

It will be posted online on by the end of June 2021. Program books will be distributed at Check-In.

Distances EC – starts

They will be posted online on by the end of June 2021.

Rentals SI-Cards

Rental SI-Cards can be pre-booked and paid for at registration. It costs CHF 8.– for the entire Swiss O Week.

The pre-reserved rental SI-Cards will be handed out together with the running documents. They need to be returned to the information desk at the last stage in the competition centre.

SI-Cards can also be rented for individual stages for CHF 3.–/day. The rental SI-Cards can be obtained at the information desk and must also be returned there.

No deposit is required for the rentals of SI-Cards; however, non-returned SI-Cards will be charged CHF 60.–.

SIAC will not be rented.

Pick-up race documents

The race documents are handed out at the Check-In. They are sorted by last name and in alphabetical order.


Four typical trainings are offered. They are already set to be used in the week before the event. The maps can be picked-up at the Arosa Tourism office.>


Childcare will be offered on every competition day. The children will be looked after during the competition time of the parent and is free of charge. Sign-up needs to be done no later than 20.00 hrs the day before under childcare.

Kids O Week and kis's O-course

There will be a kids’s O-course at each stage’s event centre (string-O) which is free of charge.

Kids who are going to participate the entire week and would like a taste of orienteering, may sign-up for the Kids O Week and will receive a Kids O Week-Set for CHF 25.– which will consist of a shirt with the name and the personal bib number and the same gift the adults are receiving. Sign-up is via the Swiss O Week registration portal.


The competitions are held between 1'700 and 2'500 m a.s.l. Every participant should care for appropriate weather protection.

Anybody feeling sick and feverish the days before the Swiss O Week 2021 should abstain from participation.


Participants agree to the actual anti-doping-rules from Swiss Olympic by signing up to the competition. Doping controls could be done in all classes.

Only athletes in HE / DE and H20 / D20 who have signed the «Athlete’s agreement for anti-doping» will be allowed to start. Information and acceptance form can be found under > Ethik > Anti-Doping


The organiser and partners decline any liability for the risks of runners and third parties of all kinds, especially health-related incidents.

Participants are responsible to show-up at the start being well trained and physically fit.

The organiser also declines any liability for all items being placed in the competition- and the event centre.


Insurance is the responsibility of each participant.

Event annulation

No partial or complete refund of the entry fee can be granted in case of cancellation of the Swiss O Week 2021 Arosa due to higher powers, extraordinary risks, or official directive. Instead, the jury decides acccording to Swiss Orienteering competition rules Para 156.2. It will take into account the fault of the organizer, his financial situation and the damage suffered by the runners.


Destination Arosa offers a wide variety of offers for accommodations. Arosa Tourism is happy to assist all participants and accompanying persons (see also

Access from Lenzerheide/Valbella/Churwalden is only possible via Chur. There is no approach taking the mountain railway option.


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