17.07.2023 - The Panoramic

The joy over precious metal before the Panoramic Stage

In the cable car up to Crap Sogn Gion, the number one topic of conversation were the Swiss successes at the World Orienteering Championships that ended yesterday. The runners of little Switzerland would have helped with cheering on the Swiss athletes and their country to become an orienteering superpower! Previously, one could dream of several medals, but the total of seven had to be earned first with convincing performances on one hand, but also with the ability to have learned from previous mistakes. The fact that it resulted three times in “shining” gold was attributed not only to those responsible in the association but above all to the staff of the trainers and coaches. Pure joy was felt by all. Even Swiss TV received compliments, especially the “running” camera people on the course! Without exception, everyone did an amazing job, although following the “sprinting cameras” in the terrain must not have been easy.

If the journey up through fog and clouds had taken longer, who knows what additional verbal awards would have been mentioned? But as the gondola steadily reached higher altitude, the torrent of talking gradually died down and the concentration for the upcoming races increased. After all, everyone wanted to master the second stage as well as possible, take advantage of the prevailing weather conditions or simply enjoy this Surselva sport event, just like André Gisler, who is responsible for the Flims Laax Valera tourism region. Speaking on the microphone, he was enthusiastic about yesterday’s television transmission with the beautiful pictures and the fact that his organization could never have afforded a better advertising effect financially. However, he not only was convincing with his praising words, but also promised to lace up his own orienteering shoes later on. With this action, the tourism director undoubtedly earned the title “sympathetic and convincing marketing”.

An orienteering mother acted not at all in terms of market economy considerations next to a trail. Her offspring repeatedly and despite warnings kicked a notice board with footsteps and she put a resolute end to the hustle. She put the sign back into the ground properly, took the little one by the hand and walked with him to the start, probably hoping he had learned something again.

Conclusion: both examples show that the Swiss O Week can promote both advertising success and educational measures.

Text: Oskar Schiess (translated by Béatrice Zurcher)

Photos: Urban Engel


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