08.09.2022 - One should rather ask where they have not been this summer, because... Since April, the Ambassadors can be found at different races abroad, where they share the anticipation with other runners with their red running shirts and their enthusiasm for Swiss O Week.

from several nations met each other in Alsace at the three-day O event, the same later at the WOC spectator races in Denmark, and especially at the O ring in Uppsala this past July.

Many Ambassadors were also on their own abroad. The Swiss O Week was represented at the Spring Cup in Lithuania, at the Irish Championships, in Istanbul, in the Dolomites, the WMOC in Apulia, at the Alpe Adria Cup, and, and, and.

In addition to all these international competitions, almost all corners of the world have been covered by regional Ambassadors: The classic Swiss O Week-red is being worn diligently in Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, and seven other countries around the world!

With so much representation everywhere, we look forward to seeing where all the runners are from next summer. A big thank you to all the Ambassadors for their tireless effort !

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