09.04.2022 - On the occasion of the national orienteering event in Bremgarten b.Bern, the Ambassadors were given their shirts and flyers to distribute.

The Swiss Ambassadors can now start their duties, i.e. above all wear the special Ambassador o-shirt and thus draw attention to themselves and the Swiss O Week 2023 and the preceding World Orienteering Championships. Each Ambassador has received a plan of action which lists the competitions abroad where he/she is to distribute the flyers. The first missions will be done at the different o-events around Easter. The documents for the Ambassadors abroad - from 15 countries! - are on their way by post to their receiving destinations.

The more guests the Ambassadors can attract to Swiss O Week 2023, the better the atmosphere will be at the World Championships finals and the Swiss O Week stages. Obviously, we are looking forward to seeing the effect.

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