17.03.2022 - In summer and autumn 2021, experienced mappers Urs Steiner, Beat Imhof and Flavio Poltera, were in the field to map the areas for the competitions. Again, the result of their work is very impressive. 

The stage concept of the Swiss O Week 2023 can be seen here. To be able to run on up-to-date maps at all stages in summer 2023, the fieldwork had to be carried out in summer and autumn 2022. No less than 12.5 km2 of new terrain has been completely mapped for the Swiss O Week. Additionally, another 13.9 km2 of terrain had been updated, and, of course, there have also been mapped additional perimeters for WOC 2023. Finally, starting in summer 2022, the first training camps should be able to be offered in WOC-relevant areas. 
The course-setters’ jobs will follow next. They can start with their work on the computer now because the maps are available as brand-new OCAD-files. Of course, it will still take some time before the fieldwork is possible. First, the ski season in the destination Flims Laax Falera must be over. 

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