04.06.2021 - In the interview series with Arosa personalities we meet today the hotelier Thomas Blatter. 

Thomas blatter

For the interview, the author sits across an old-school hotelier with progressive ideas. Thomas Blatter is the director of the “Blatter’s Hotel Arosa” in second generation. In addition, as longtime president of “HotellerieSuisse Arosa”, he is familiar with the diverse challenges the industry is facing. Although a lot has been invested in the summer-infrastructure, for example with the bear sanctuary, everyone involved in the tourism should act according to the principles of direct and indirect added value: “not only accommodating guests for the moment but inspiring them to come back.” After all, enough accommodations are available down in the valley, from star hotels to bunk beds to camping sites.

Arosa is no longer advertising with beautiful mountain scenes at airports but wants to offer a wide range of cultural and sports events on site. However, one fundamental requirement must be considered that only perfectly prepared and professionally implemented events would meet those conditions. The Swiss O Week 2021 fits perfectly into the concept and is an event “with meat on the bone”!

Because orienteering runners maybe at a younger age were renting a holiday apartment in Arosa would now probably return at a more advanced age, maybe even earlier, and enjoy having a more comfortable hotel room besides a beautiful landscape and cultural offers. With over 2’900 hotel beds and almost as many holiday apartments, Arosa can also host major cultural as well as sport events such as the internationally famous “Humor Festival”. For almost thirty years, comedians have been enriching the small art festival, which now generates 15’000 overnight stays per year. In terms of numbers, the SOW is likely to be even higher, but this requires fair compromises from the local hotel industry as well as cooperation among them.

And, with a wink, he tells this episode about his father: In the evening he usually marched with his dog by rivalling hotels and counted the parked cars and then reported critically at home that at the neighbours there were more guests than in the “Blatter’s Hotel” again!

Oskar Schiess

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