The official SOW Camping is situated in Trin Mulin on the local camping site Trin (website in German only). Meanwhile, the camping is fully booked.

There is a post bus running from Trin Mulin to Flims-Laax and back at least every hour. This post bus is not included in the SOW entry fee! This post bus runs directly to the SOW Event Center in Flims, to the competition centers for stages 1 and 6 and to the mountain railways in Flims (starting point for stages 2, 3, 4 and 5).


  • The email with SOW registration confirmation is valid as a voucher for the SOW campsite. Please bring a printout to the check-in at the campsite.
  • The SOW only accepts reservations, the payment and the necessary administrative formalities are done on site in Trin Mulin.
  • As soon as the available places are exhausted, the SOW closes the reservation system.
  • In the registration process, please indicate the desired size of the campsite or the type of vehicle (according to the pricelist below), the number of persons and the desired arrival and departure dates.


Pricelist Camping Trin

People and animals

Adults from 16 years, incl. tax CHF 12.00 / night
Youth 13 - 16 years, incl. tax CHF 10.00 / night
Children 6 - 12 years, incl. tax CHF 6.00 / night
Dogs CHF 2.00 / night


Tent up to 2 persons CHF 9.00 / night
Tent up to 3 persons CHF 14.00 / night
Jumbo-tent CHF 20.00 / night

Vehicles and trailers

Motorcycle CHF 2.00 / night
Car CHF 3.00 / night
Van / VW-bus CHF 14.00 / night
Electricity for van / bus CHF 4.00 / night
Motorhome incl. electricity CHF 22.00 / night
Caravan incl. electricity & car CHF 22.00 / night

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