The sport and holiday adventure – central Switzerland, your sport and holiday region.

„Over 3000 people have chosen central Switzerland as their holiday destination and many of them have chosen the Swiss O Week as their sporting highlight of the season. It is a marvellous competitive experience to take part in this natural sport in the glorious landscape of central Switzerland.“

Franz Marty
former member of the cantonal government of Schwyz
President of the patrons, SOW 1996

Swiss O Week 1996 Brunnen

3 – 10 August 1996

Overall winner elite
Women: Cornelia Müller, OLV Zug, SUI
Men: Olivier Buholzer, OLV Zug , SUI

Facts and Figures

  • 3000 participants from 30 nations
  • Transports to the competition sites with boats, military vehicules, bus and various mountain railways

Prolougue, „The Ouverture“
Brunnen at the shore of Lake Lucerne

Stage 1, „The royal day“
Rigi: With the boat to Vitznau and from there with the rack railway on the top of mountain Rigi.


Stage 2, „The fast day“
Stoos: With the shuttle-bus to Schlattli and from there with the cable car to Stoos.


Stage 3, „The spectacular day“
Ibergeregg: With the bus to Schwyz and from there with military trucks to Ibergeregg.


Stage 4, „The wild day“
Bödmeren: With the shuttle-bus to Muotathal and from there with military transport vehicles (Pinzgauer) to Pragelpass.


Stage 5, „The short day“
Seelisberg: With the boat to Treib and from there with the cable car to Seelisberg.


Stage 6, „The decisive day“
Hochstuckli: With the shuttle-bus to Sattel and from there with the chair-lift to Hochstuckli.