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On this page you can find the most important information about the
Swiss O Week 2016

We expect to be back by mid-December

register for SOW 2016 here: Go2OL

English Document       German Document       Description
General       Allgemein      
Invitation       Ausschreibung       Summary and most of the information about Swiss O Week 2016
Flyer       -       Overview of the Swiss O Week 2016
Competition programme       Wettkampfprogramm       Information about the individual stages
Classes       Kategorien       Overview of the selectable classes
Registration       Anmeldung       Overview of entry fees
Entry fees       Startgelder       Overview of entry fees
SOW transport pass       OeV Pass       Pricing of the SOW transport pass for local public transports
Details about the stages       Informationen ├╝ber die Etappen      
-       Etappe 1       Details about the first stage
-       Etappe 2       Details about the second stage
-       Etappe 3       Details about the third stage
-       Etappe 4       Details about the fourth stage
-       Etappe 5       Details about the fifth stage
-       Etappe 6       Details about the sixth stage
Accomodation options       Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten      
Camping       Camping       Some local providers for camping
-       Gruppenunterkunft       Information about the dormitories provided by SOW
Hotels       Hotels       Information about the hotels in the region
Holiday flats       Ferienwohnungen       Information about holiday flats in the region

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