SOW 2014
thumb sow2014t toprechtsSOW 2014
The Swiss Orienteering Week is an international multi-day orienteering event that combines holiday, sport and a hint of adventure. Swiss Orienteering Week means orienteering at a top technical level, lots of possibilities for tourism, interesting culture and atmospheric events.
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In the week before the Swiss O Week we offer a range of training possibilities including eight training areas with fixed controls.
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thumb wettkaempfe toprechtsCompetitions
Fine contour detail, open forest, fast alpine pastures, massive boulders: an amazing variety of orienteering terrain. An orienteering arena surrounded by 38 peaks of 4000m or more that make Zermatt unique.
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thumb veranstalter toprechtsOrganiser
The Swiss O Week 2014 is organised by the association ‘Swiss Orienteering Week 2014 Zermatt’, which joins together active orienteers and clubs from all over Switzerland.
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