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Registrations possible until May 31st 2016

Registration for the SOW 2016 for the competition classes is possible until 31st May 2016. For the open categories Challenge and Holiday the registration is even possible until June 30th 2016 (from June 1st 2016 with an additional late registration fee). For the open classe (Holiday and Challenge), it is possible to enter single days as well. This can be done on-site. Click here for the invitation.

Additional Information to the Transport Organisation

The organisers of the SOW 2016 thanks everyone who has already entered. Our analysis of the entries shows that surprisingly few people have ordered the attractive SOW transport pass. We can only presume that many people assume that they will travel to the races with the normal public transport. This is certainly possible,but is more expensive, inconvenient and more time consuming. Why is this?

With the normal public transport tickets (half-price cards, GA, Swiss pass, transport pass from the hotels etc.) you can only use the normal scheduled services, but not the SOW shuttle, which will run every 15 – 20 minutes directly to the assembly area.

Using only the normal scheduled public transport is less reliable and means longer travelling times to the races as some of the routes are only served on an hourly basis and are typically very full with the normal tourists. For this reason the SOW is providing additional transport capacity – but only for those with the SOW transport pass. These additional services are financed by the SOW transport pass.

We therefore strongly recommend that you order a SOW transport pass with your entry. For more information see Invitation and Price overview SOW transport pass.

Those who already are registered but didn't order the SOW transport pass yet, can still do this until the SOW-registration deadline on May 31st 2016 by using the registration portal


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SOW - where orienteering meets the sky

The Swiss Orienteering Week is an international multiday orienteering event that combines holidays with sport and a pinch of adventure. Swiss Orienteering Week means orienteering at a top technical level, extensive possibilities for tourism, interesting cultural offerings and atmospheric social events.

In the week from 16th to 23rd July, 2016, around 4000 orienteers from over 30 countries will compete in 50 age groups and classes at the Swiss Orienteering Week. The six races in the Upper Engadin will turn your active holiday into a dream holiday.